What is HashCrash?

The Gate Meta Media Disc -MMD

We are very happy to announce that the first MMD called The Gate has been finally published!

As promised, all the StoryCard holders of The Gate, received their MMD (3D cartridge) version in their wallet. This can be used on the new website to enter the 3D experience. Also the old storycards will keep validation to access, but non of them will be sold anymore, the leftover cards will be kept in our MU vault.

When you enter The Gate 3D world, it’s possible to select several characters. Visit The Gate page to see how to activate all the characters.

Chapter I - Genesis

The Realm of MU is a brainchild of the Meta Media Designer Beervangeer. At first thought it started as a way to give utility for one of his first NFT creations called HyperHash; a generative art NFT developed on ArtBlocks. …

The Realm of MU

MU is a non-physical reality composed entirely of thought energy. Also referred to as ‘The Collective Unconscious’ or ‘The Realm of Dreams’.

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