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Beervangeer and The Realm of MU
2 min readJun 28, 2021

Last month, Leon published his UnityWebgl Metamask plugin on the ChainSafe platform! We are very happy to integrate his plugin for our project. We can now start finalizing the three experiences The Realm, The Gate and The Forge (see collection and previous posts). Expect the release of these experiences Q3.

In the meantime we want to present here a proof of concept for integrating ArtBlocks NFT’s into Unity Webgl. Collectors that have a EnergySculpture (if not, you can buy one here) in their wallet, can now access THIS demo. See demo video for instructions:

**** Make sure you are on a pc or laptop. UnityWebgl only works on desktop browsers. It’s possible that for FireFox you need to enable WebGL2. ****

It shows how ArtBlocks nft’s can be potentially used in gaming or interactive narratives. In this demo we show that the GLSL code that is embedded in the EnergySculpture NFT can be integrated in real-time into the Unity game environment. Also you can see that when loading in different EnergySculptures, the avatar’s clothing changes colors.

We think the integration and cross usage of ArtBlocks NFT’s and NFT’s in general have great potential for interactive storytelling. Below a screenshot of the upcoming experience The Forge. In the Forge players can combine EnergySculptures and HyperHash into a new ArtWork and make a render within UnityWebgl for download!

Preview The Forge

For artists that want to play around with NFT’s and Unity Webgl, we recommend to visit the ChainSafe Gaming channel on Discord over here and the SDK can be downloaded here.



Beervangeer and The Realm of MU

MU is a non-physical reality composed entirely of thought energy. Also referred to as ‘The Collective Unconscious’ or ‘The Realm of Dreams’.