The Realm of MU

Chapter I - Genesis

Beervangeer and The Realm of MU
6 min readFeb 26, 2021

The Realm of MU is a brainchild of the Meta Media Designer Beervangeer. At first thought it started as a way to give utility for one of his first NFT creations called HyperHash; a generative art NFT developed on ArtBlocks. Soon enough it expanded to a whole backstory around the avatar Beervangeer and the realm he lives in called MU.

Although born on Earth, Beervangeer’s home is not on Earth’s physical plane of existence, but rather an ancient Ethereal realm known as Mu. Only by sculpting energy can Beervangeer teleport between these alternate realms, from earth like planets to cybernetic matrices…

This Energy Sculptor, Bridger, and sworn defender over the realm of Mu has the power to utilize energy for materialization. Not just of his own form, but physical matter as well. His ‘Bridging’ abilities allow him to identify bright-souls across realms, to enlighten those worthy to the realm of Mu. To potentially become Energy Sculptors themselves…

The goal of The Realm of MU is to expand the narrative in Meta-Style. Meaning that the backstory will evolve in different mediums like generative art, drawings, music and 3D mini game experiences. The rule is that all content needs to be applied on the Ethereum blockchain and as immutable and decentralised as possible. A few goals of the project:

  • Collaborations with other nft platforms to expand the MetaVerse and create cross-pollination.
  • Collaborations with other non-nft artists to introduce them to the NFT space; dragging in top talent.
  • Giving utility to NFT’s. NFT’s will function within the narrative of MU as keys to new places and generators of new items/nft’s (see for example the concept of “The Forge” below).
  • Create a fitting interface to view generative art NFT’s, so they come more to their rights. Think of integreation of ArtBlocks pieces into 3D environment. GLSL shader based works like HyperHash and EnergySculpture are fit for easy integration into 3D.
  • Introducing 3D Narrative experiences and minigames to the NFT space.
  • Becoming label/artist collective for MetaMedia.
  • Researching Scarcity in Storytelling. Imagine nft’s that give you access to storylines and based on the way you interact you earn new nft’s, giving you access to new, more exclusive storylines. Branching out into narrative pathways, that could even lead to narratives that can only be seen by individuals… How can we play with this phenomena and what does this do to value creation?

We want to achieve these goals by working in the following format;

The website of The Realm of MU will function as a portal to different NFT’s produced under the platform and interactive experiences. We will have these main categories:

  • Characters: Characters will be alter ego’s of artists developing art for projects on The Realm of MU platform.
  • Character Based Items: Items of characters that will have certain functions on the platform (see example of Relics below). These can be of different types of media, think of images, animations, generative art etc, but all in the context of the realm’s narrative.
  • Stories: Stories will be developed in chapters and represented in StoryCards.
  • 3D Mini Game Narratives: 3D Mini games will be the most complex environments where the characters,their items and the stories will unfold themselves.

Chapter I — Genesis

StroyCards drawn by XanderBos

The StoryCards will be distributed in chapters. For every chapter there will be three story cards, revealing key points from a plotline and are acces-keys to the 3D experience that comes with a chapter.

The first chapter will be called Genesis and the first three storycards will be called The Realm, The Gate and the Forge. All these story cards are drawn by the talented artist XanderBos.

Relics HyperHash & EnergySculpture by Beervangeer

Together with the story cards Relics will be available. These Relics are connected to the main character of the plotline of the first chapter. The first two Relics that will be available for chapter one are the NFT’s created by Beervangeer.

EnergySculpture: A generative artwork created on Artblocks.
HyperHash: A generative artwork on created ArtBlocks.

3D MiniGame

After the launch of the StoryCards and Relic nft’s, funds will be used to create an interactive 3D experience in the browser. A mini game that in the case of the Genesis Chapter will be Beervangeer finding his way into The Realm of MU.

At the end of this experience the user will arrive at what is called The Forge (also one of the story cards). At this Forge it will be possible to use the Relics and mutate them into new NFT’s. By combining for example a HyperHash with a EnergySculpture, a new generative artwork will be revealed. The possible outcomes and combinations will be kept secret and only revealed once the MiniGame will launch.

The Forge will keep his function for the rest of MU’s storyline! So expect that future relics can be used at the forge! Keep in mind, you will need the three story cards to make it to The Forge if you want to start mutate your Relics (HyperHash,EnergySculpture).

To imagine how this experience could potentially look like, see the animation of Soulace by XanderBos. XanderBos will be lead modeler and animator for the 3DExperience.

Soulace Short Film: modeling and animation by XanderBos

Release schedule and distribution of NFT’s
The launch of the first Chapter and the belonging nft’s will start:

1 March 2021 at 20:00 CET(CentralEuropeanTime)
- The Realm StoryCard : 369 pieces for a price of 0.0963 ETH
- The Gate StoryCard: 369 pieces for a price of 0.0693 ETH
- The Forge StoryCard: 369 pieces for a price of 0.0369 ETH
- EnergySculpture Relic: 369 pieces for a price of 0.369 ETH
- Beervangeer Action Figure (ETH-MEN): 369 for a price of 0.0369 ETH

When enough funding is raised through the sales of the NFT’s, the production of the 3D experience will start.

The launch of the MiniGame and The Forge will be planned to launch at the Q3 2021 (if possible sooner).

In the meantime expect new chapters, relics, characters and story cards to be added to the Realm. Also collabs with other NFT platforms will happen.

Team Background

The development team for Chapter 1 will mainly be driven by Beervangeer and XanderBos.

Beervangeer worked for more than 10 years as a generative artist & developer. He worked on the forefront of technological developments from VR entertainment to biofeedback systems at for example Japan Studio (Sony Playstation), Sensiks or SubmarineChannel.

XanderBos is a Dutch multimedia artist. His endeavors vary from painting with oils and acrylics to 3D animations and virtual reality environments. He sees the artist as a mediator between the visible and the invisible realities. By making these dimensions visible, a new view on reality can be attained. Planting seeds of consciousness exploration and expansion, reclaiming our endless creative force and dissolving perceptual limitations are his ambitions driving his creative journey.

By integrating digital 3D renderings into his paintings, a kind of “Digital Fusionism” is born. Exploring new aesthetics and possibilities with these new media is a logical next step in the evolution of visionary art, making him one of the visionary art pioneers of this time and age. Xander has exhibited on many festivals and galleries across the globe and has painted side by side with fellow visionary artists like: Alex Grey, Android Jones and Luke Brown.



Beervangeer and The Realm of MU

MU is a non-physical reality composed entirely of thought energy. Also referred to as ‘The Collective Unconscious’ or ‘The Realm of Dreams’.