Q1 Update: UnityWebgl, MetaMediaDisc’s, The Gate Preview, Eth-Men Action figure & New Character

Beervangeer and The Realm of MU
3 min readApr 29, 2021

Unity WebGL & MetaMediaDisc’s

We haven’t been sitting still since the first release of the StoryCard NFT’s for The Realm of MU project. A couple of the things we had to define was how we would host our 3D experiences, connect them to the Ethereum blockchain and choose our 3d platform of choice (for example Unity vs ThreeJS).

One options was to go for the Arkane Unity plugin. This option would mean standalone downloads of the 3d experiences and connecting to Ethereum through Arkane’s hosted wallets. This option would be nice because we could utilize the Unity Game Engine (widely used in the 3d real-time design space), but would also mean being depending on a centralized institute, giving away on the whole function of NFT’s.

We we’re lucky enough to meet Leon Do. Leon developed several solutions to interact between the Ethereum blockchain and Unity based projects, through webgl and standalone builds. The plugin he developed makes it possible to connect from within the browser through MetaMask directly with UnityWebGL projects. By hosting of the Unity WebGL on IPFS, a great decentralized solution is created, a perfect fit for MU!

We think this combination will be a huge addition to the NFT space. Development platforms like Unity have a big community of talented artists, creative coders and tons of resources through their asset store.
Not only do we think that Unity will be the future for more interactive on chain 3D games, but also for new types of dynamic and modular animation. Unity is being used more and more for animation as well.

Imagine watching a movie, that is compiled of the nft’s you own. Dynamic and modular movies, will be a perfect fit for the nft space and still totally untapped.

With The Realm of MU we want to investigate the new possibilities that come with on chain 3d experiences. Therefore we want to upgrade our NFT StoryCard model to what we call; Meta Media Disc’s (MMD’s). MMD’s contain modular and dynamic 3d experiences, that lean between gaming and cinematics. MMD’s will be a new type of NFT art-form, that can combine and embed other NFT’s in the metaverse as well (think for example of items generated on ArtBlocks, but usable inside MMD’s to modify the experience).

***** The current StoryCards will be replaced by MMD version’s. Until we release the first MMD’s, the current StoryCards will be still on sale. But after the first release of the MMD version’s, the left over cards will be burned! The StoryCard’s will keep same functionality as the MMD’s, so dont worry they won’t work in the future. They will only have a different look, but same functionality as the MMD version*****

The Gate Preview

XanderBos has been working hard to translate the coverart he made for The Gate StoryCard, into a very nice 3D experience. His avatar has been transformed into a 3D Character in VRM format, so potentially also usable on other VR platforms.

Release Eth-Men Action figure of XanderBos

On the 1st of May a new action figure will be released on Eth-Men!
This time it is the XanderBos character that has been beautifully translated to a action figure. There will be 100 action figures released for a price of 0.08Eth.

Keep track of their twitter over here.

Sloth - The God of Dreams

We are very lucky to be able to add this beautiful character Sloth to the Realm of MU. Sloth is the brainchild of Juan Ma Orozco (jml2art). Sloth will be the God of Dreams and will get his own plane inside MU. Expect a 3d version of Sloth soon.



Beervangeer and The Realm of MU

MU is a non-physical reality composed entirely of thought energy. Also referred to as ‘The Collective Unconscious’ or ‘The Realm of Dreams’.