Coalescence Drop @ Plottables

Beervangeer and The Realm of MU
3 min readFeb 9, 2022



Plottables is a new platform based on ArtBlocks technology. The platform focusses on generative art that can be plotted by plotters. A very interesting connection between the digital and the physical and a totally new niche for the Generative NFT space.

When you own a plottable NFT, you can directly load it into the saxi plotter software through the Plottables website, connect your plotter and run it immediately!

Coalescence being plotted on a plotter.


Coalescence is a continuation of research done in pieces like UltraWave and HashCrash. It researches how one simple algorithm can create as much perceivable complexity as possible, without too much interference of customized design rules. Like HashCrash, this piece doesn’t have any pre-made rarity features (except background color), but tries to represent the underlying randomness of the incoming hash-data as pure as possible.

The algorithm of this work represents 32 random input values as 2d coordinates and makes the interrelationship between these random vectors visible as multidimensional images. The images evoke a feeling of motion and space. The shapes reflect patterns we see in nature from galaxies to plants, from micro to macro.

Because this work is made for plotters, the piece is designed so it feels like it’s made by hand. Like a signature of an advanced creature living in hyperspace.

Drop Details

Coalescence will drop on the 16th of February at 11am PT time. In total there will be 369 pieces available, minus the pre-mints. Price for minting will be 0.0396 ETH.

Here on the Plottables website you can find the minting page when it goes live.

Previews on testnet can be viewed here.

20 Free Pre-Mints

From the 14th of February there will be 20 pieces available for collectors that bought a HashCrash during and after launch last January 28th. By posting your HashCrash on Twitter (tag @beervangeer ) you will get a MU token. This token can be used during pre-minting phase. The first 20 participants will get the MU token. So be quick ;).

15 Free Plots

After launch, I will create 15 physical plots for collectors that share their minted Coalescence piece on twitter; tag me @beervangeer(the free mints don’t count). The first 15 participants I will contact for their address and send them the plot of their piece in Q2 2022!



Beervangeer and The Realm of MU

MU is a non-physical reality composed entirely of thought energy. Also referred to as ‘The Collective Unconscious’ or ‘The Realm of Dreams’.